WESTLAND (WWJ) – It was quite a trek for a Michigan Humane Society veterinarian and his team, who drove 16 hours through the night from Florida.

zahra with pup 28 Homeless Dogs Arrive In Metro Detroit From Hurricane Ravaged Florida

WWJ’s Zahra Huber didn’t want to put this little one down. (WWJ photo)

Dr. Robert Fisher was in Houston, Texas helping with hurricane rescues there when he was asked to make a pit stop in Pensacola to pick up 28 dogs and puppies from a shelter that was overwhelmed.

“We’re attempting to reduce the number of animals there to make room for displaced and homeless animals that are going to need additional care,” Fisher explained.

They loaded the homeless pets into a van and brought them to Michigan.

“It’s very intense work, very rewarding work, long days,” he told WWJ’s Zahra Huber. “It’s a very humbling experience. I feel privileged to be able to go and help other communities and other organizations respond and recover from these types of disasters.”

The rescue crew was greeted by applause when they pulled up Westland’s Michigan Humane Society Berman Center for Animal Care Thursday afternoon.

“When a disaster like this occurs there are no state lines, there are no boarders. If we can help we’re going to go down there and help and we’re going to do everything we can with dedication and passion,” said Kathy Bilitzke, Director of Marketing and Communications for MHS.

The dogs will be sterilized and checked for illnesses before they can be adopted by Michigan families.

“Somebody can get a Florida dog that’s used to…palm trees and grow up with pine trees!” Bilitzke said.

For adoption information call 734-721-7300 or visit this link.


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