BLOOMFIELD HILLS (WWJ) – Girls are breaking the norms at Bloomfield Hills High School.

 Bloomfield Hills High School Football Team Has Not One But Two Female Kickers

Olivia Brack (left) and Sydney Houston are two females on the Bloomfield Hills High School football team (Credit: Julie McManus/WWJ Newsradio 950)

The varsity football team has not only one female on their roster but two — and they’re both used to kicking butt and taking names.

So, what’s it like being the girl on a boys’ team? Olivia Brack, an excellent senior placekicker who converts extra points, said it’s not as awkward as you’d think.

“The guys are really supportive on the team and they’re welcoming,” Brack told WWJ’s Jeff Lesson. “I had never thought that I would kick on a football team. I never thought I would play, but it’s a great experience being on the team.”

The girls aren’t part of the physical play, but don’t underestimate their power. Sydney Houston is a junior placekicker who recently converted a critical onside kick, helping her team to victory.

“We learned how to tackle at camp and that was really fun. Like, I’ve always wanted to, like, go out there and, like, hit someone. But, like, I know I would get hurt and it wouldn’t be good,” she said. “But, like, I still, like — it’d be really fun to do it.”


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