Vicente Fox, Donald Trump, Wayne State University Former President Of Mexico Says DACA Students Belong In U.S. – CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) — With a focus on immigration the former President of Mexico was on the campus of Wayne State University tonight giving the keynote speech to the Forum on Contemporary Issues in Society.

Vicente Fox was asked what his message is to students who are DACA recipients, and he responded by telling those in attendance to take it easy and trust that a solution will be found.

“Don’t over worry yourselves, a solution with reason will prevail, I’m sure of that. It can not happen in a different way,” Fox told the crowd in attendance.

Fox went on to say he doesn’t believe an ending to the DACA program will actually happen.

“I don’t think it will happen,” Fox said. “The checks and balances of this nation not only in relation to the law or to the whatever else, it also has to do with humanism, has to do with compassion.”

Fox calls President Donald Trump’s announcement to deport DACA students “unfair and criminal to cut the dreams of 800,000 kids.”

When it comes to international relations — Fox is also worried Trump is isolating himself, which he says is causing the U.S. to isolate itself from the rest of the world. Fox continued to criticize President Trump — calling him highly confrontational, and believes he’s acted offensive to almost every leader in the world.


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