By: Evan Jankens

Before the 2016 season I think the average sports fan had no idea that Western Michigan’s nickname is the Broncos.

Their former coach PJ Fleck got the program a lot of national attention — but now it seems like the school is getting attention for an odd reason.

Students aren’t a fan of the new look that Buster Bronco has taken.

Over this past weekend, the school unveiled the new trimmer Buster … and not everyone was a fan. In fact, one student has started a petition to get the “goofball” Buster back.

Buster Bronco is an icon. A fun loving WMU goofball. At the sidelines of a football or basketball game, or out in the community, Buster is Kalamazoo’s favorite mascot.

But Western Michigan University has changed him, “updated” him to be more lean and athletic. In the process, we’ve lost the very heart and soul of who Buster is. What is wrong with the Buster we’ve had? He’s classic and has a unique look for the university that’s been around for years.

Let’s bring the Buster we know and love back.

Fight on fight on for Buster!

At the time this is being written there are 750 supporters and the comments are pretty great. Below are my favorite.

The new one look like an angry jerk- just what you want-sarcasm intended. This isn’t better. – Carissa in Florida

The new one look too aggressive and angry. – Brian in Holland, Michigan

The new Buster is upsetting, kids were scared of it, and it look like it just got back from hunting and eating its prey. It’s tail is disturbing. – Beth

He looks like he is strung out on everything. There was nothing wrong with Buster. I’m not even sure who this guy is anymore. – Shelton

People really aren’t happy and you can read more of the comments HERE. Do you like the new look Buster?


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