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For a small business to succeed in Michigan, its founders need to manage resources efficiently, including human resources. In addition to attracting the very best workers, owners need to make an effort to ensure that their workers are as healthy as possible. One effective way to do that is to institute a wellness program that involves lots of opportunities for your team to get exercise during the workday. Cultivating a physically active workforce can pay significant dividends.

Unhealthy Workers Are Less Productive

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US industry lose a whopping $225.8 billion a year in lost productivity to employee-related illness. Sadly, many of the health conditions that are responsible for this loss are preventable, including heart disease and obesity.

By maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, most Americans could greatly lower risk factors for contracting debilitating illnesses. And by making physical activity part of your firm’s culture, you could help keep your company’s productivity levels consistently high.

Exercise Is Great For Stress Management

Another major contributing factor to American industry’s productive problem is employee stress. When workers come to the office with high anxiety levels, they are less focused, more likely to make mistakes and have higher risk factors for being involved in an on-the-job accident.

One of the most effective ways to manage stress is to get regular exercise. Rigorous activity helps the body process the physical effects of stress more efficiently and helps a person take their minds off anxieties. Since work is named as a major stressor for most Americans, it only makes sense to attack the problem at its source.

Happy Workers Are More Loyal

Another benefit of getting plenty of regular exercise is that it pumps lots of euphoria-inducing hormones called endorphins into the bloodstream. As a result, employees who exercise at work will form positive emotional associations with the office. This will have the effect of making your team members more loyal to the company and less likely to seek employment elsewhere.

Given that employers have to spend thousands of dollars to replace talented mid-level workers, there’s a tangible benefit to helping your staff stay happy and active.

Exercise Improves Employee Mental Acuity

In order to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, small businesses need to have employees who can be creative, think quickly and perform under pressure. As this Harvard Business Review article explains, people who engage in regular exercise have better concentration, recall and possess a greater degree of mental stamina than those who lead inactive lifestyles.

Ultimately, startup founders who want their companies to thrive need to make sure employees are getting a lot of regular exercise.


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