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DETROIT (WWJ) — Trying to lose some weight? Start eating chili peppers!

For those who are looking to drop a few pounds and can tackle spicy foods, you’ll want to hear about this. A research team at Arizona State University has discovered that eating chili peppers can help you burn more calories in a day.

The study — which included 40 participants — was able to show a connection between capsaicinoids (the active ingredient that gives chili peppers their sweat-inducing hotness) and a person’s energy-burning ability. The 40 participants — whose average age was 28 years old — were given either a placebo or 2 milligrams of a capsaicinoid supplement each day. The results indicated a connection.

“The innovation of the study is to validate the effectiveness of capsaicinoids during the first real-time tracking of an individual’s metabolism,” study first author Yue Deng said in a release. “It is important to measure the metabolism change with intake of the capsaicinoids, which is the most straightforward way to tell people this actually works or not.”

According to the study, the participants in the study were healthy individuals who were not pregnant, and didn’t use vitamins or other medication supplements that could result in chronic conditions.

The study revealed that those who were receiving the 2 milligrams of capsaicinoid burned an average of 130 calories per day, while those who took the placebo only burned an average of 8 calories per day.

The research team did want to caution those who think a spicier diet would lead to instant results or serve as a “magic bullet.” The study says that this should be just part of a “a holistic weight management strategy that includes diet, physical activity or exercise, and taking into account one’s unique physiology and genetics.”

But it has been at least proven in a small sample size that spicy foods can lead to more weight loss. That’s good news for those who like adding a little heat to their meals.


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