By: Evan Jankens

If you aren’t aware of it by now, let me share a little something with you: No one cares about your fantasy football team.

This afternoon, Kelly Stafford, wife of Lions QB Matthew Stafford posted a video on her Instagram that she labeled, “This girl is my spirit animal when it comes to talk about yalls fantasy football team.”

After watching the short video of this little girl talks about fantasy football you should realize that if you wanted to share details about your team, just save your breath.

The video really shows us how ladies — let alone men — feel when we preach about how great Todd Gurley did Thursday night or how Julio Jones is going to light up Darius Slay and the Lions secondary.

Even if this girl was coached on everything she said (betting odds say she was) just know that even if you do win, you’re still a loser.


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