LANSING, Mich. (AP) – A man accused of hiring prostitutes hundreds of times during his 20-year career as a Michigan prosecutor has been released from jail.

The Lansing State Journal reports Stuart Dunnings III walked out of the Clinton County Jail early Sunday after serving 10 months. The former Ingham County prosecutor pleaded guilty to misconduct in office and soliciting a prostitute.

Dunnings made no comment to reporters waiting outside.

He was sentenced to three years of probation, the first served in the neighboring county’s jail. He was released early for good behavior.

Many charges were dismissed. The ex-prosecutor’s arrest last year stemmed from a federal investigation into human trafficking.

Dunnings had said he was being treated for a sex addiction. He also said he “violated his oath” and “betrayed the trust” of many.


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  1. When my FOC case wasn’t being handled right by the Asst. Prosecuter.I wrote this Prosecutor twice asking him to look at the Asst.s case. I talked to the Attorney Generals office who can’t touch FOC because they follow no laws, and are nothing but a billions of dollars a year business that profits from splitting up families. I told the Attorney Generals office 4 State and Federal laws that were broken in my case. That’s when they told me they are considered a separate entity, and they have no power against them even though they are the highest ranking law enforement office in the State.The Attorney Generals office was sympathetic to the bad situation. So I asked, as a favor, that they invstigate the Asst Prosecuter and Prosecutor. Two weeks later, as I was waking up I turned on 97.1 the ticket and they were talking about some big shot that had been arrested. I heard the name and had to repeat it to myself 3 times,because I had just woken up. But by having him investigated on my case, they found him with a prostitute. And in checking, he had hired 100 prostitutes using Ingham Counties money. It didn’t help my case, but as a bonus they found this Ingham County Prosecutor had used County money to hire 100 Prostitutes. I got a little more respect from some of their workers after that. But Ingham County still got away with breaking at least 4 State and Federal laws. But it was nice their top guy was taken down. He’d still be “Head Prostitutor” of Ingham County if FOC had done their jobs right on my FOC case.

  2. This isn’t the first official I’ve had removed from office. The Head of a DHR County department in Alabama run by Melissa Grimes. Broke so many laws during my case that I had her demoted from Head of that counties DHR department -to entry level intake worker. Moral of the story- No matter who you are, if you mess with my children. No matter how long it takes, I will eventually get you. And that includes many that still haven’t gotten their’s yet. Believe me,-it’s coming. You won’t know when. But I will take you down.

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