ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – One young man at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has taken taking a knee quite a bit further.

Graduate student Dana Greene, Jr. spent more than 20 hours on his knees on the pavement, facing a flag at the “block M” on the campus Diag, beginning at 7 a.m. on Monday. “If got to kneel until my knees bleed, then that’s what I’m going to do,” he told MLive. “I am doing this for every student on this campus that has ever felt like they didn’t belong here.”

A day after some NFL players took a knee or locked arms in protest of police shootings — and in response to comments by President Donald Trump — Greene wrote in an open letter to University President Mark Schlissel that he was tired of doing nothing:

“Dear President Schlissel,

I have attended the University of Michigan for five years. I have crossed the fountain in Ingalls Mall as an incoming freshman and as a graduate. I’ve walked the halls of our dorms as a Resident assistant and I’ve mopped the floors of our dining halls. I’ve marched in the Diag when our campus and country faced the tension of racial strife. I am a black man and this weekend I watched many black men take a knee during our country’s national anthem to bring attention to the inequality in this country. I also watched the President of the United States disrespect those men referring to them as “Sons of Bitches” and demanding that they should be fired from their jobs.

During the course of the last year I have watched as anti-Muslim, anti-Black, anti-Latinx, and anti-immigrant rhetoric has raced across our campus and across our country and I can no longer stand silently by. You see I had become numb to what our country and our campus had become. I had convinced myself that if I simply continued to move forward with my studies and with my job that things would get better. I am no longer numb but instead I will use this moment in time to make a statement.

I will kneel in the Diag facing the flag in silent protest until there is nothing left in me. I am prepared to miss class and work for a simple idea. I am not kneeling in disrespect to our troops or to our country. I am kneeling because we should be better than this. I am kneeling because I am tired of doing nothing. I am kneeling because I want this campus and this country to acknowledge a fact that I know to be true. We are not and have never lived by the idea of our founding that ALL men are created equal. I am kneeling because we our better than this.


Dana Greene Jr.
MPH Candidate
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
School of Public Health Research Assistant Health Behavior Health Education Prevention Research Center”

In solidarity, Green was joined by other U-M students and community members, many of whom joined in the kneeling.

Green got up, his protest ending, at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

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  1. Someone get this butt-hurt snowflake some lotion.

  2. tngilmer says:

    I guessed that he was a sociology major before I even got to that part of the story. Sociologists are all nuts.

  3. Don McCoy says:

    This guy needs to see the world not from the viewpoint of a black man. But from the viewpoint of a man. THEN this nonsense will all change. Until then, he’s just another misinformed, brainwashed Liberal idiot eagerly embracing victim hood.

  4. Jack Sherman says:

    Sociology grad student – lolz – someone’s paying him to do nothing

  5. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology….hahaha, would you like fries with that? You have a degree that qualifies you as head chef at Burger King.

  6. Mike Arvand says:

    looks like another racist obama kid looking for a handout.

  7. Kneeling IS DOING NOTHING . If you want to change the world, get off your knees and make a difference. Stop playing the victim and start a business or something which would give you the power to change lives. Kneeling and demanding some one else do the work will not get anything done.

  8. Harry Buskin says:

    Child, you are an amateur. You want to show your willpower by kneeling? OK, get a wooden box about the size of a cardboard case bottom like you would see in a market, holding 24 14 oz cans of tomatoes or green beans. Maybe an inch and a half, tall. Put the box on the floor. Now throw into it 2 cups of dried corn kernels. Now kneel. Enjoy your pain. This was used to introduce people to the meaning of penitence. In Eastern Europe, it taught kids respect for their elders and reverence for the Church and proper behavior. Oh, and you can substitute bird shot or BB’s if you are out of corn.. You want really serious? Use jacks, from the girls’ game, or small legos.

    You might prefer being burned alive.

  9. Felix Chapel says:

    Narcissistic protesting at it’s finest. Look at me! I am special. I can write a letter. I can kneel.

    Now go back to class that no doubt the tax payers are partially funding and learn something productive to make this world a better place. Then you will have proven you are the better person.

  10. It has got to be hard being a parent today and knowing this is what they encourage and rave about on our college campus’. WHAT idiots are coming out of them.

  11. Russ Agrusa says:

    Funny he has his right to free speech and expression but conservatives on college campuses can’t have theirs. Oddly I believe there was a time blacks would argue they would rather die on their feet than live on their knees. My how times have changed.

  12. Russ Agrusa says:

    Until there is nothing left of him or he gets crazy for some munchies after smoking all that weed.

  13. Arfy Warfy says:

    All good servants know to stay on their knees…

  14. Gene Evensen says:

    Hoping he couldn’t get up

  15. Did this idiot even consider the fact that people who sit or assume a kneeling position for several hour risk a blood clot and possible deadly thrombosis?
    I doubt it.

  16. Mark Start says:

    Black males in the United States account for 90% of black related crime. Hence, 6% of the US population (black males) is responsible for 26% of ALL crime and 51% of ALL murders in the United States according to Table 43 of the FBI Crime reports. Maybe this “student” should study Math instead?

  17. Tess Gipson says:

    obviously the school doesn’t have very high standards for their graduates !!!!! if some idiot like him could get a degree, it must be worthless !!!!

  18. John Magee says:

    He could spend a weekend, along with some NFL football players, in the inner cities of Detroit and Chicago and do something constructive about the thousands of African Americans and Hispanics who kill each other in gang shootings each year.

  19. Dave Daly says:

    I think Monica Lewinsy has the record from 20 years ago

  20. free2313 says:

    If they do not like your comment they wipe you out.

    They are all loser at U of Michigan. BS they kneeled for 20 hours…

  21. Brent Taylor says:

    Hey, President of Michigan? Take a good look at Mizzou? Seven empty dorms, college freshmen enrollment down 35%, alumni fed up, donations drying up.

    You got ask yourself one question. Are these black racists worth it?

  22. When I was a stupid law student, everyone told me how great I was and how smart I must be to get into law school. Now I am a lawyer. In two states and two countries no less. They hate me. Well many and most in general. Some people are just lame. STUDENTS ARE STUPID. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE STUDENTS. THIS ONE PROVES IT. It is bad form to quote a student. Real bad form.

  23. Protest inner city violence. Protest blacks shooting other blacks. Protest the ignorance perpetuating the stereotypes that law enforcement reacts to. Protest the glamorization of the thug mentality dragging down communities. Support outreach programs that have a lasting positive impact. Invest in the communities that are stuck in self destruct mode. Change the self rather than forcing others to change how they perceive you. DO SOMETHING THAT WILL HAVE A LASTING POSITIVE IMPACT. Or take a knee and suck it while you down there. The choice is yours.

  24. Dave Gerken says:

    No recommended solutions… Just whining… how original

  25. Fred Stevens says:

    Here’s the formula to solve the issue they are protesting:
    Commit fewer crimes, get shot less often.


  26. Another empty-souled jerkoff virtue-signaling and looking for attention. If no one looks at him, he won’t really know whether he exists.

  27. John Smith says:

    sociology is another of the many worthless degrees. That boy will be flipping burgers and over salting my fries.

  28. David Blaine called. He wants his shtick back.

  29. Barry Jaeger says:

    ha ha ha ha ha
    Another useless college student.

  30. I wonder how many pencils he sold and how much money he made with all of his education? Did he even make minimum wage. So smart yet so stupid that he can’t figure out how to make better impact on our nation’s problems. Well that’s what happens to many when the have been brainwashed by their liberal professors who gave them a passing grade because they never learned how to think for themselves.

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