By Mickie McLeod

Another season of Survivor has started! Did you miss the premiere last night? Well, I always got you covered!

I can’t believe this is the 35th Season of Survivor, but then again — I sure can believe it!  Survivor is easily one of the best shows on T.V still today.  So, what did you miss on last night’s episode?

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers kicked off last night at 8/7c on CBS, and it did not disappoint! The One-Million Dollar Adventure had begun as the 18 Castaways battled it out and were divided into three colored tribes, Heroes (Blue), Healers (Yellow) and the Hustlers (Red).

Heroes (Blue)

After earning flint from the arrival “mini-challenge,” the Heroes Tribe settled in at camp contently — but let’s just say, this tribe is already intense!

Of the five individuals, there is already a clear separation between the young and the older castaways.  The older castaways, Chrissy and Katrina, felt left out because the other four were forming an alliance of their own.

An NFL player, Alan, is stirring up drama so soon in the game and is completely paranoid too.  At one point, he told his teammate, JP, a firefighter, to strip down his clothes to prove to him that he is not lying about having an “Individual Immunity Idol.” It’s only Day 3 and Alan just seems to be going crazy!  Doesn’t he know that paranoia is a recipe for disaster in the game of Survivor?!

Healers (Yellow)

The Healers are feeling great when they arrived at their camp because they had earned a massive fire making kit in the first mini-challenge during the beginning of the episode.

On the Healers Tribe, we don’t see much of the tribe’s dynamic quite yet, except for a geeky dad, Mike, who is already hunting for a hidden “Individual Immunity Idol.” Mike is playing hard in the game early on but is getting bullied for it by another tribe member, Joe, who is on to Mike’s sneaky play.

Hustlers (Red)

Oh man, the Hustlers may be my favorite tribe so far! The Hustlers are an overall young looking tribe and seem to be kind of goofy.  They didn’t earn any reward in the mini-challenge right from the start because they didn’t even know how to row their own boat to shore!

There’s another geeky looking guy, who is about 120 pounds, who is a Bellhop. His name is Ryan and boy, is he a character.  Ryan was the only one that had earned anything on his tribe because he found a “Secret Advantage” early on during the mini-challenge.  The Secret Advantage was an Individual Immunity Idol, only to be used during this first Tribal Council.  However, if his tribe wins the next Immunity Challenge and is safe from Tribal, he must pass it on anonymously to an individual on the losing tribe.

Immunity Challenge

The first Immunity Challenge brought out the adrenaline in the new Castaways.  Each tribe ran up a cargo net and then reeled in a heavy cart.  The tribes then got into their cart, rode back down, and raced through the large obstacle course.

After the exhausting part of the challenge, the tribes had to catch their breath, slow down, and solve a maze. The last tribe to solve their maze would be sent to Tribal Council.

All of the three tribes were dead even until the very end, where the Heroes Tribe had lost this first Immunity Challenge and were sent to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

At Tribal, it wasn’t very clear where the votes were heading.  Alan was pretty paranoid early on and seemed to be stirring up some drama, so the votes could’ve been towards him.  Then again, the older ladies, Chrissy and Katrina, already felt like they were on the chopping block since arriving.

Chrissy however, was the one on the tribe who was chosen by Ryan to receive the “Secret Advantage Idol.”  Nobody knew she had the Idol, and she was able to play it after the votes were determined.  In the end, Chrissy did not play her advantage and it was Katrina, the Olympian, who was the first to be voted out on this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. 

Based on the premiere, I’m pretty sure we’re in for a great season! I can’t wait to see how these three tribes work together and bring a new twist to the awesome game of Survivor.

What tribe caught your interest right away? How do you think the “Heroes,” “Healers,” and “Hustlers” title will affect their way of playing the game?

Tweet me @mick_cloudy with your thoughts; I love to talk Survivor!

You can watch this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my weekly recaps every Thursday morning on!


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