FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – One of metro Detroit’s most talked about mysteries will shine in the national spotlight as the parents of Danielle Stislicki appear on Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen.

Danielle Stislicki (Handout photo)

Now nearly 10 months since the 28-year-old Farmington Hills woman disappeared without a trace, Police Chief Chuck Nebus says taking the case to syndicated TV could be the key to cracking it.

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“We’ve had hundreds of tips that we’ve followed up, and most every one of those tips is the result of media attention,” Nebus said. “So we’re hoping maybe some of the national attention…if there’s that one person that’s been reluctant or afraid to come forward, than this may be the nudge that they need.”

Danielle’s father, Richard Stiskicki says Farmington Hills police have done a fantastic job on the case; thanking investigators, tipsters and the media for their efforts.

However, he still believes there’s more information out there — especially in connection with a Berkley man, charged in a Livonia sex assault and called a “person of interest” in the Stiskicki case.

“I’m hoping that if Floyd Galloway is a serial rapist, that other people see this,” Richard Stiskicki said. “This could be unrelated to Danielle — but I believe that he is a serial rapist, that people that don’t know his name but see his face might be able to recognize ‘that’s the guy that did it to me, and all this time I’ve remained silent.'”

That said, Richard Stiskicki acknowledged that he and his wife hold out little hope that their daughter is still alive.

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“It would take a miracle, and I truly believe logically that that miracle isn’t going to happen,” he said, adding that, at this point he’s looking for answers as to what happened to Danielle, and the chance to recover her body.

As an investigation continues, Cheif Nebus said he and his detectives remain optimistic they will solve the case.

“We’ve been making terrific progress since day one, and we’ve never given up hope,” Nebus said. “There’s a lot that we can’t release, or what we can’t tell the public. Investigators have worked so hard on this case; we’ve done more than 70 search warrants since this incident happened; we continue to work on it every day and it’s going in the right direction.”

Danielle Stislicki was last seen as she left her job at MetLife in Southfield on Dec. 2, 2016. It’s believed “Dani” planned to meet up with a friend for dinner that night — but she never showed up. Her Jeep was found a day later, parked outside her home at the Independence Green apartments in the area of Halsted and Grand River. [Get more details about her disappearance].

Anyone with information about this case can leave an anonymous tip at 248-871-2610.

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Note: Crime Watch airs at 4 p.m. on TV20 Detroit.