By: Evan Jankens

People will try to sell just about anything on Ebay.

But Friday afternoon I think I may have found the silliest item ever made available on the website.

A dreadlock from Falcons’ rookie Takkarist McKinley is for sale … and the bid is currently up to $255.

According to the posting on Ebay:

I work at Ford Field in Detroit and I found a dreadlock on the field after the game (9/24/17). I’m pretty sure it is Takkarist McKinleys dreadlock.
MUST HAVE for Falcons fans and people who are into voodoo.

PS: I also found Brooks Reeds mouthguard. Dreadlock buyer gets it for free :-)

Not only do you get that piece of hair, but you also get a used mouth guard! Who wouldn’t want those two items?

McKinley tweeted about the posting and actually suggested he will buy his own hair back.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this item doesn’t reach $1,000. There are nine days left on the auction so you have plenty of time to get your bid in.


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