Detroit Police Officers Union, Mark Diaz, Detroit, Detroit Police Department Detroit Police Officers Union President Convicted On Reckless Driving – CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) — The president of the Detroit Police Officers Union has been convicted of a misdemeanor for reckless driving.

An Oakland County jury today convicted Mark Diaz on a misdemeanor for reckless driving. The jury also determined that Diaz is acquitted on a felony count of malicious destruction of property, based on an off-duty incident.

The charges come after a December 2016 incident where damage was done to the Holly Academy in Holly. Oakland County Prosecutor Paul Walton said Diaz used his car to strike a culvert and traffic barrier in the school’s parking lot.

In response to the incident, Diaz said he decided to try out his four-wheel drive of a union-issued pickup truck, which caused the accident. Diaz allegedly caused about $4,200 of damage.

He faces 93 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Diaz remains free on bond while he awaits his Nov. 14 sentencing. Diaz has been suspended with pay by Detroit Police since February.


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