Milford High School, Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Death Threat, Huron Valley Schools, Gummy Fish Milford High School Student Issues Death Threat On Gummy Fish – CBS Detroit

MILFORD (WWJ) — The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating following a threatening note that was written on a gummy fish in Milford High School last week.

According to the Sheriff’s office, a 16-year-old student wrote a note on a “gummy fish” saying he was suicidal and was going to kill everyone in Milford. Police say a 15-year-old student kept the gummy fish and put it on Snapchat just for his friends to see. It was screenshotted and posted all over social media.

(Photo: Oakland County Sheriff’s Office)

“We take all threats with the utmost seriousness and will take appropriate actions to protect our students and staff,” Kim Root, director of communications and community relations for Huron Valley Schools, said in an email.

Root added that based on interviews conducted by the School Resource Officer and Principal Kevin McKenna they didn’t believe the threat was credible.

The parents of the two teens picked up their children at the school’s request, and will not be able to return until the school and sheriff’s office determine what to do. The school day resumed as normal after consultation between the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and Huron Valley Schools.

Deputy Eric Delanoy said in an email that “these are kids that made a stupid choice.”

The Oakland County Prosecutor – Juvenile Division will review the report and determine what is needed.

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  1. So, before posting this all over social media, did anyone stop to think that maybe this was a cry for help? And here’s praying that this did not just push this student over the edge into suicide.

    1. Uhh, no this is my friend, this isnt a cry for help, its just kids being stupid and adults overreacting, My friend wouldn’t kill or hurt anyone or himself

  2. like its on a swedish fish or peets sake!

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