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WATERFORD TOWNSHIP (WWJ) — Following the tragedy in Las Vegas, a local church is putting on its bi-monthly blood drive.

The American Red Cross was hosted by the Community Christ Church in Waterford Township earlier today. The drive was a bit busier than normal as more local residents were coming out to help those injured in last night’s mass shooting. Georgieanna Anndregg was helping to check donors in at the church, and said most have mentioned or are keeping Las Vegas in their minds while donating.

“We are kind of busy because of what happened in Vegas,” Anndregg told WWJ Newsradio 950 reporter Jason Scott. “We’ve had more walk-ins then we normally do and they happen to mention Vegas. They definitely need blood. ”

One of those who came out for today’s blood drive was Katie Sicon of Rochester Hills. She said she felt almost obligated to come to the event, knowing only a little bit of her blood could make a huge impact for others.

“It’s amazing knowing that one pint or one unit of your blood can save three peoples lives and especially after what happened today, knowing that 59 people are dead and 515 more are injured,” Sicon said. “It’s like how easy it is for me to donate a little bit of my blood to (hopefully) save lives.”

John Firollo of Waterford expressed similar feelings about the importance of giving blood. He also attended today’s blood drive, and said it should be something everyone does.

“I’d like to see more people do it,” Firollo said. “I see it as an obligation. I don’t see it as a choice.”

Miles Killebrew of the Detroit Lions is another person who is advocating for those who can to give blood. Killebrew, who is from the Las Vegas area, spoke with reporters today about the tragic event and mentioned giving blood as a way to help out.

“It’s a hard time right now, but we’re praying for them and a lot’s being done,” Killebrew said. “I know a lot of people are giving blood, and I encourage you to go give blood if you can.”

It was reported earlier today that people were waiting up to three hours to give blood in the Las Vegas area.

The blood drive ran through 6:45 p.m. today, but similar events are planned for tomorrow throughout Metro Detroit.


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