By @GeorgeJFox

From the Michigan’s got talent files today we have Daniel Hartman from Dansville, Mich. A video posted to his Twitter account shows him catching apples tossed from increasing distance in several locations around Jackson College.

The video is going viral with currently more than 140 thousand likes and 53 thousand retweets.

First off, how much does that hurt? “It only hurts when you miss,” said Hartman in a reply to his Tweet.

Secondly, are his teeth okay? Of course everyone is wondering if his dentist is working hard to repair the damage, but apparently his smile appears intact. A video posted by self-proclaimed apple-thrower Casey Kirkbride shows that Hartman’s chompers are looking good.

His mom shares in the concern. He posted a screenshot of a text she sent.

“Um we kinda paid a lot of money for those teeth,” she said in the message.


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