By: Evan Jankens

I am a huge Eminem fan and just recently I obtained his autograph and it is my prized piece in my collection. Imagine how excited I was Wednesday evening when I kept seeing stories about how Mr. Mathers next album has been completed, well at least according to Denaun Porter, a.k.a Mr. Porter, who is Eminem’s hype man and producer.

While shooting an Instagram live, he was asked about the upcoming album and replied, ““No, we’re done. How about that?”

People flipped out, dogs started hanging out with cats, I started to grow back my hair, that’s how excited I was.

Then it happened. I found our Mr. Porter was just trolling the world, according to

Denaun was just “trolling the trollers.” Complex reached out to Denaun Porter, who said that his statement that Eminem was “done” with his new album was simply him joking with interneters who kept asking him about status of the long-awaited project. “They trolled the s*** out of me the whole time,” he explained.

“Anytime they come in there, they can expect to get trolled with any kind of question like that,” the producer said. “I’m never the person to give up that kind of information. I might say, ‘Hey, we’re working on it’ or ‘Hey, we’re close.’ But I’m never going to be the guy that gives up the information. But they can get trolled.”

What a disappointment, but leave it to a member of D-12 to have a little bit of fun with the fans.

Last October, Eminem did say he is working on a new album, so there is one in the works.

What is your favorite Eminem album?


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