By Mickie McLeod

The new season of Survivor just began! Last night’s episode proved that the season is full of a variety of characters.  Here’s what you missed …


After their first Tribal Council, the Heroes aren’t feeling pretty confident with one another.  Last week, the paranoid NFL player, Alan, seemed to be stirring up some drama as he mentioned that his tribe has a “Power Couple,” referring to JP and Ashley.

Alan’s paranoia caused some tension on the tribe.  JP and Ashley are distant towards the professional athlete (who doesn’t seem to be playing Survivor very well so far) so Alan’s attempting to align himself with his other tribe member, Chrissy, who was just on the chopping block at Tribal last week.

After receiving the now, “powerless” Immunity Idol from Ryan on the Healers tribe, Chrissy feels as if she has some sort of advantage — an advantage that can “fool” people that she actually has an active Idol in her pocket.  With that being said, Chrissy did what she does best during this episode, and analyzed each one of her tribe members, in order to determine who to align herself with.  Her analytical thinking led to teaming up with the marine-cowboy, Ben.

Ben is the other guy on the Heroes tribe. All we really get to know about him during this episode is that he seems pretty laid back… so laid back, that I can’t really tell you much about him.  He does seem pretty funny though.


The Healers Tribe contains just a mixture of personalities.  There’s a guy named Joe, who just got done bullying another older man, Mike, on last week’s premiere.  Joe is kind of the pot stirrer on this tribe.  He’s also kind of paranoid right off the bat, so during this episode, he decided to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol.

While hunting for the Idol, Joe found a clue on a tree.  He thought that the clue was referring to the ocean, so he addresses his tribe member, Cole, who has been out fishing all day.  Cole is this young, 25-year-old stud, but seems to be a little naive in this game of Survivor.

After hearing about the clue, Cole decides to guide Joe in finding the Idol, which was actually leading to the watering well, not the ocean.  Cole says it’s a skill set of his to help others and that he thinks it can help him advance in this game.  Do you agree? I’m not too sure about that …


The Hustlers are just a bunch of goof-balls if you ask me.  They definitely seem to be the most entertaining tribe on this season.  These guys are adventurous, finding crabs, and are all bonding right off the bat — so it seems.

There’s a fisherman, Lauren, who is probably the oldest out of all of the Hustlers.  During this episode, she narrates how annoying her other tribe member, Patrick, really is…. and she’s pretty right.

Patrick is the clown on the Hustlers tribe, or as he refers himself as, the “wild banshee.” He’s definitely fun to watch at home, but I’m not sure if I could spend days of Survivor with him.

Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council

I’m always so impressed by the builders and innovated thinkers of Survivor! This week’s Immunity Challenge contained a spinning puzzle of all the locations that Survivor has visited over the years.  The Challenge looked pretty fun; props to the carpenters of Survivor!

After finishing the awesome looking Immunity Challenge, it was the Healers who won the first Immunity, followed by the Heroes tribe.   That meant that the Hustlers tribe would be sent to Tribal Council and one person would be voted out this week.

At Tribal, it was between the annoying Patrick, and Simone, a girl on the tribe who hasn’t “fit in” since day one.  The tribe was torn between the two, especially since Patrick has been getting on everyone’s nerves.  In the end, it was Simone, the weakest of the tribe, who was voted out on this week’s episode.

So, this week we got to know a lot of the Castaways! Who is your favorite Tribe or Castaway?  Chrissy from the Heroes is pretty cool, but I also love the nerdy Bellhop, Ryan, on the Hustlers Tribe.  What tribe seems to have the most potential?  Tweet me @mick_cloudy to talk Survivor with me!

Be sure to watch Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my weekly recaps every Thursday morning on!


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