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One bite. Everybody knows the rules. Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, started off with the audacious goal of reviewing every pizzeria in Manhattan, but it doesn’t stop there.

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As the Michigan / Michigan State rivalry week is heating up — Team Portnoy is in town presumably for the game and to pick up some additional pizza reviews.

Watch the review here. Some NSFW language.

Buddy’s Pizza, a Detroit staple is on the menu in a video posted Thursday. His co-star in this edition of the series is Fox 2 reporter Kellie Rowe.

The first minute and a half of the video centers around Portnoy’s digression about Escapade unexpectedly playing outside the restaurant. “Who sings this? Madonna? Yeah Madonna,” said Portnoy.

Rowe throwing a small amount of shade said, “I don’t know. That’s a little bit more your era.” Eventually, cameraman Frankie Borrelli comes in like a champ with the right answer, Janet Jackson.

Rowe’s score comes in at 9.9.

“That’s a ridiculous score,” said Portnoy who gave it a 7.6 out of 10. Which fans of the review series will know is a very respectable score.

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It was clear that nobody gave Portnoy a primer on what exactly Detroit style pizza is. “It looks like Chicago deep dish, right?”

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For the record, the key feature of Detroit-style pizza is its distinctive chewy yet crispy crust. Buddy’s puts their spin on it by adding dollops of sauce on top.

Some MSU / U-M football predictions round out the video.

Pornoy predicts a Michigan win, but it will be close as State will cover the 10.5 spread.

Rowe picks the Spartans to win by 7 and they agree to wear the other school’s colors and post them all over social media if their team loses.

Plus according to Portnoy, MSU hockey player Torey Krug has agreed to wear a U-M Portnoy jersey to practice if MSU loses.

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Portnoy is currently looking for recommendations for Ann Arbor pizza.