DETROIT (WWJ) – Yellow kitchen? Blue bathroom ? As it turns out, the colors you paint your walls at home have a drastic impact on what kind of money you’ll get when you sell and move.

If you want to sell your home for more money, experts say you might want to put down a fresh coat of paint inside — but you can’t use just any color.

Real Estate website Zillow analyzed thousands of homes that recently sold to see how certain paint colors impacted their sale price on average, when compared to similar homes with white walls.

A light, powder blue bathroom added more than $5,400 to the selling price. Compare that to bathrooms with white or off-white walls, which sold for $4,000 less.

Pale gray or slate blue paint on the dining room walls meant nearly $2,000 more, while darker tones of blue in the bedroom added roughly $1,800 to the selling price.

If the living room is light beige or oatmeal, add $1,800 to your selling price. But darker, more style-specific walls like terracotta dining rooms sold for $2,000 less than expected.

Homes with blue or gray-blue kitchens sold for a $1,809 premium. However, if your kitchen is yellow, that’s going to knock an average of $800 off the selling price.

It’s not all about the inside, either. Zillow found that homes with light gray or beige exteriors sold for $3,500 more than similar homes painted in a medium brown or with tan stucco.


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