As technology advances, business owners are able to tap into a wealth of resources. One such development that has been increasing in popularity as of late is the rise of the chatbot. A chatbot is a computer program that converses with customers via text or verbal communication. Chatbots have become popular as of late with applications such as phone navigation and automated customer service chat windows on business websites. There are many benefits to utilizing chatbots in your business.

Chatbots can lead to real-time customer service

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With the rise in popularity of social media and text messaging, it’s not surprising that many customers prefer to bypass telephone customer service. Many companies offer chat windows that allow customers to get customer service immediately without spending time in the phone tree. Entrepreneur recently posted an article titled, “Wanna Increase Conversions? Try ‘Chatting’ Up a Computer” by Aj Agrawal. It states, “Chatbots offer something that even the most efficient employees can’t: immediacy. If you don’t have the manpower to provide personal customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can use chatbots to pick up the slack.” Having access to immediate customer service can be a positive experience for customers, especially since their problems can be solved more quickly.

You can access better customer data

By employing a chatbot as a first line of customer service, you can look at the data to determine whether customer service trends are emerging in your company. If a lot of customers are contacting your service bot with the same issue, it can help you pinpoint weaknesses with your product or service and take steps necessary to solve them. Chatbots can also help you stay current with trends in your industry, informing you of an immediate needed update. According to Chatbots Magazine article titled “Why Chatbots Are Exactly What Digital Marketers Need Right Now,” Andrew Torba explains that “marketers can keep a tab on the key metrics that define a trend as it’s happening.”

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Chatbots are the first line

While chatbots can help you answer common customer questions, there will still be cases in which your customers will need to speak with an actual person. In cases where a bot can’t help with the issue, you will need a strategy to ensure that the customer can reach a person. Sometimes an automated response will not be sufficient, and avoiding customer frustration should be the priority. Be sure chatbots are used for issues that can be solved flawlessly through automation, while leaving a second option for customers to talk with a person when it is pragmatic.

Utilizing an automated chat system for customer service has many advantages, including real-time customer service and increased time for you to work on your business. As these applications become more commonplace, your business can likely benefit.


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This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for CBS Small Business Pulse