DETROIT (WWJ) – A new study suggests that women of color in Detroit feel they are being ignored in helping shape the city’s recovery — and that progress would be more swift were they included.

“If you address the concerns and issues of women of color – you are actually addressing the barriers that will liberate and accelerate prosperity for all people,” says author of the report Kimberly Freeman Brown.

She says that the city needs to include all residents for revitalization.

“Seventy-one percent of those who responded to our city-wide survey, which attracted about 500 women, said they don’t feel that they are a part of Detroit’s economic narrative — they feel left out. This is something that Detroit needs to understand that in order for there to be true revitalization, the city has to engage all of its residents.”

She says only half of the nearly 500 women surveyed reported earning a living wage. “So when we address the interesting concerns of women — we actually raise the boats of all people.”

The “I Dream Detroit” survey was compiled over 18 months and was commissioned by the Kellogg Foundation.

  1. “Women of color” are people. Although they may feel different, they should not be treated any different. Programs and efforts to get girls to “code” are happening in the city of Detroit, as well as across the country. Women and girls who take advantage of these programs, regardless of color, will take part in the growth. Those who do nothing, will be left behind, just like coal miners and buggy whip makers. The world is changing, and if you are left behind it is not necessarily the fault of your skin color or your race, it is more likely your attitude with regard to education.

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