Stoney Invites You To Relentless Detroit's Powerlifting Competition -- A Good Cause For Great Kids

By Mike Stone
As many of you who have listened to me blather on the Southeastern Michigan airwaves for over two decades know, I have always been involved in charity.  Whether it was the Stoney and Wojo Radiothons for the Michigan Leukemia Society or the Student Heart Check at Beaumont Hospitals, giving time and effort to these causes makes me feel good.

Recently I was introduced to another charity that has struck a chord; it’s called Relentless Detroit.  Relentless Detroit is a small group of people who give their time, money and heart for those less fortunate.  What Relentless does is support the families who have children with life threatening illnesses. This support not only helps in treating the illness, but it also lends families support with life’s basics when they become a challenge.

I met a couple of families, who not only have to deal with the illness of their child, but figure out how to pay for things like mortgages, food and utility bills.  This is where Relentless Detroit comes through, providing money and support to help these families get through their day without worrying about the basics.

I met Clay Brandenburg through a friend. He took me to meet a family that Relentless helps out. The love that these families show for Clay Brandenburg and what he shows for them is incredible.  What I love about Relentless is that the money is spent on the family and their needs. No bureaucratic “BS”. I urge anyone to either donate or more importantly take the time to meet the heartwarming souls of Relentless Detroit. You will be moved like I was.

Join us at Relentless Detroit on Nov 3rd and 4th to help support local families who need our help.

And for all you powerlifters out there this is a tremendous competition. You don’t want to miss it! Each lifter trains rigorously for the event and is required to raise a minimum of $500 for entry, which all goes to the families. Over 100 lifters compete!

I encourage you to help me support Relentless Detroit by joining us on November 3rd and 4th. Please click here for more information

If you cannot attend, you can donate on the right side of the above link.

Relentless Detroit 2017
2773 Will Carleton 
Flat Rock, MI 48134

For more information on Relentless Detroit please visit:



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