(97.1 The Ticket) Former University of Michigan player Braylon Edwards faced Mike Valenti in the studio for the first time since he called Michigan State “little brother” and predicted his alma mater would win handily in the college rivalry match-up.

The discussion was fiery.

Edwards accused Valenti of not supporting his own team; Valenti accused Edwards of being disrespectful.

Edwards said the rain caused the loss. “You’re going to blame the rain for your $9 million coach?” Valenti asked

Edwards said Valenti couldn’t understand his perspective because he had never played before. Valenti didn’t take it well.

“You’re in my house now,” Valenti said. “You’re not a player anymore. You want to throw digs because I’m not a player? Go ahead.”

“You still couldn’t score on us,” Valenti said. “If your coach was smarter and he ran the football more … Do you know how pathetic (this is). ”

Valenti summed it up with “you can’t beat us.”

Comments (2)
  1. James Ward says:

    Typical Mike………the steam from the rant that made him (in)famous is about played out, time to do something else over the top and totally self serving to get back in the public eye. He is just driving up interest in himself before he bails to New York…….but wait, he is just a steroetypically bombastic radio host who says whatever is against prevailing opinion to drive up his ratings. Since Terry left, there has been no one to reign in his absurdity. New York is callin…………the sooner the better.

  2. If it does not rain you don’t lose? lol. It did not rain the entire first half and the score at halftime was 14-3 Spartans. lmao try again Braylon.

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