How Much Does Your Boss Care When You're Late? Survey Says ...

(WWJ) You may not want to be tardy for the party, but when it comes to work most people slide in a few minutes after the opening whistle at least a time or two.

One in ten executives who responded to a survey by Accountemps said they are OK with tardiness, as long as the work is getting done.

“A lot of times being timely is linked to commitment, it’s linked to time management ability, it’s linked to if somebody is serious about what they’re doing and team morale, so there’s a lot of things it can touch on if someone is not at work on time,” said Robin Ankton, Regional Vice President of Accountemps.

On the other hand, Ankton said the perception when someone is tardy isn’t always good.

And consider this: In a separate survey, 43 percent of workers said their productivity suffered because a co-worker arrived late.

Does your office have a timeliness issue? You may be able to blame the millennials: 54 percent of workers ages 55 and over are never late to work, compared to 23 percent of those 18 to 34.

“If you look at the newer generation, they’re typically plugged in 24/7,” Ankton said. “So their work emails, everything, their phones are set up to take phone calls from work anytime day or night and I think sometimes there is a preconceived notion they’re working all the time — so why does it matter if they’re late.”


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