By Mickie McLeod

Have you been watching the new season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? It’s never too late to tune into the best reality T.V! Missed this week’s episode? I always got you covered!


The Heroes tribe seem to be maintaining they’re reps’ as heroes. Overall, the tribe is pretty strong and are working hard together as a tribe. Well… besides Alan.

While Ben, Chrissy, Ashley, and JP are out chopping wood or catching fish, there’s Alan, the NFL player, who is still figuring out how to crack open a coconut.

From these first couple weeks of Survivor, Alan’s game does not seem to be the best yet in this season.


The Healers are made up of a great amount of cool, calm, and compassionate tribe members this season. Well… besides Joe.

I swear Joe is on the wrong tribe. Just from these past three episodes, Joe is identified as the bully on the Healers. He’s not only picked on Mike the first week, has persuaded Cole to help him find the idol, but now is complaining about the taste of their food (the little that they do have). Does he not know he’s on Survivor??

Last week, Joe received a Hidden Immunity Idol, with the help of Cole. Cole is a sweet, young guy who clearly can’t keep a secret. On this episode, Cole and the cute nurse practitioner, Jessica, are hitting it off and a romance develops between the two. Because of the new fling, Cole reveals his secret about Joe’s Idol, with Jessica…

… and then Desi,
… and then Roark.

Cole just decides to tell the women all about Joe’s idol. I’m not sure what kind of strategy Cole is playing. Like I said in last week’s recap, Cole just seems to be naive in this game of Survivor. If Survivor doesn’t work out for him, hopefully, his relationship with Jessica at least will.


The Hustlers are a bunch of goofs. Ryan, (my favorite so far on this season) is a nerdy guy who seems to be narrating what this tribe is up to, every episode yet. He’s definitely the entertainer of the season.

Meanwhile, the one who thinks he’s an entertainer, has been getting on everyone’s nerves, (still). Patrick is still being Patrick during this episode, as he’s now off blatantly looking for Hidden Immunity Idols. He’s not very smooth in this game and his tribe is getting tired of his obnoxious character.

Immunity Challenge

The first few weeks of Survivor offer a reward at the Immunity Challenge. This week, the first tribe to win will earn Immunity for the tribe, along with delicious looking chickens and hens. The second tribe to win will earn Immunity for the tribe, along with eggs to cook with too.

This week, the three tribes raced through a series of obstacles. In the challenge, there was a tricky task that required throwing sandbags at multiple large blocks. During this part of the challenge, it was Patrick on the Hustlers who dragged their tribe down and refused to let someone else take a turn throwing. After taking “leadership” Patrick led the tribe to finish last. This meant that the Hustlers will once again face Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

Must I narrate what went down before Tribal Council? I think this one’s pretty obvious. Patrick fought hard to remain safe from being voted out and suggested voting out Lauren, the fisherman — also the one that seriously cannot stand Patrick.

The rest of the tribe agreed with Patrick, but we all knew, besides Patrick, that his time was up on Survivor. His annoying way of playing did not last long. He was so shocked when he got voted out, or “blindsided” that when he walked out, he told his tribe that they are “awful.”

Awful? It’s Survivor, Patrick! I just don’t think he really knew how to play in the game in the first place…

Who are your favorites so far in this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? Tweet me @mick_cloudy with your thoughts and don’t miss my weekly recaps every Thursday morning on!

You can watch this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS!


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