DETROIT (97.1 THE TICKET) – While watching the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians battle it out for the ALDS, radio and TV host Rich Eisen got an interesting phone call.

The call came in from a Michigan number and it was no other than Michigan State basketball coach according to the host.

“The phone rings, don’t recognize the number, third inning of the game,” says

It was Tom Izzo.

“What happened Saturday? I gotta tell ya, this guy knows how to coach, 8-2 against Michigan — how do they go 8-2 against Michigan?’ Izzo inquired.

Nonstop says Eisen, “boom, boom, boom, boom. Hammered at me.”

“I’m honored to get my cajones busted by Tom Izzo,” calling Izzo gleeful.

Mooch (Steve Mariucci) gave him the my number says Eisen. “But an honor — an all-time great coach.”


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