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Do you have a kitchen in desperate need of an upgrade? A rec space you’d love to be able to entertain in? A reception area that could be more inviting?  A natural stone surface might just be what will give you the classic, rich look you’re hoping for.  There are some bold choices out there, but looks are not the only factor. Today at Hire it Done, we are talking with our partners at Hard Rock Stone Works about the properties of the most popular countertops.

Decide which factors are most important for you

  1. Maintenance – Install and forget about it or scrub it daily? Do you want them to look brand new for years, or would a well-worn patina add just the right feel to your space?
  2. Cost – Some materials are very budget friendly, and some, well…are not. If your countertops are where you want to splurge, go for it! If not, a good supplier will be able to help you get the look you want within your budget.
  3. How are you using the space? – A kitchen isn’t just for cooking; it is usually the gathering spot for entertaining.  You need to know how the surfaces can handle extreme cooking and hearty partying.
  4. Characteristics of the material – Some quartz composites don’t perform well outside, and wood can warp with repeated exposure to wet conditions. Make sure you are aware of the properties of the material you are choosing, and the possible outcomes of using it in the desired space.

Once you have considered the factors, and established a budget, it’s time for a visit to the showroom!

Always visit a showroom – but be careful!

We strongly recommend that you visit a state of the art showroom like the one at Hard Rock Stone Works where they not only make the selection process painless, but they may also have some great deals that will help stretch your remodeling budget.

Showrooms and warehouses can be intimidating with so many selections.  Visit a showroom with your designer or ask them if they have a designer on staff to help guide you through the otions.

Don’t forget to ask about remnants! Many showrooms have remnants that perfectly match you design needs – particularly for those smaller areas like a power bath or laundry room.  Picking a remnant can save you tons of money!


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