Dearborn Fordson High School, Hazing, Alleged Assault, Dearborn, Glenn Maleyko

DEARBORN (WWJ) — One week after the alleged assault of a freshman student at Dearborn Fordson High School — an attack that was reportedly captured on video and shared on social media — Dearborn Public School administrators say the case is now in the hands of police.

In what was first described as a hazing incident, a freshman student was allegedly assaulted one week ago on school property by multiple members of the Dearborn Fordson High School junior varsity football team. Glenn Maleyko, superintendent of Dearborn Public Schools, spoke tonight at a school board meeting, and said this type of behavior is unacceptable.

“We are taking this seriously and we need to be proactive,” Maleyko said on Monday night. “There was a situation that occurred, behavior that we do not tolerate and we don’t want to see happening anymore.”

The alleged assault — which has been considered a “rogue hazing incident” — is now in the hands of the police who will be investigating the incident. Further details on what exactly happened have not been released at this time.

Between 20 and 30 students, alumni and parents came out to protest the school’s handling of this incident last night. The protest included chants and signs, with many showcasing their outrage about how the school tried to supposedly cover this up.

A student at nearby Dearborn High School was equally upset about this incident and was in attendance of Monday’s meeting at Henry Ford Community College. She said this sounds like a “horrible” incident that no one should ever have to go through.

“I’m personally horrified for this kid. First you’re assaulted and now you have to go back to school and be bullied for it. It’s horrible.”

Although, the district stopped short of saving the alleged perpetrators have been suspended those students have not returned to school since the alleged assault.

“We had a situation with behavior that we won’t tolerate and the students that were involved were immediately removed from the school as we were investigating,” Maleyko said. “We are going to protect the interest of the victim as we would with all of our students.”


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