By ROB MAADDI, AP Pro Football Writer

Tony Romo will rescue the cheeseheads.

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Soon after Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone , Romo’s name was mentioned as a potential replacement for the injured Green Bay Packers quarterback.

Romo even hinted he may not stay retired Thursday night during the broadcast for the Eagles-Panthers game. Surely, he’d jump at a chance to leave his cushy job in the booth to return to the NFL and play in his home state.

The Packers (4-2) may be without Rodgers for the rest of the season. If so, they’re finished. But Romo could jump right in and lead them to the Super Bowl, right?

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The same Romo who hasn’t thrown a pass since New Year’s Day? The one who last started a regular-season game 23 months ago?

Romo was 2-4 in six career playoff games. He’s better off wearing a suit and talking into a microphone on Sundays. Brett Hundley is Green Bay’s quarterback. And Colin Kaepernick won’t be, either.

Here are more overreactions following Week 6:
OVERREACTION: The Browns (0-6) will go 0-16.
REALISTIC REACTION: Another week. Another loss. Looks more and more realistic.
OVERREACTION: There’s no such thing as home-field advantage.
REALISTIC REACTION: Road teams have been having their way, but that can’t keep up as the weather starts to turn.
OVERREACTION: Carson Wentz will be NFL MVP.
REALISTIC REACTION: The Eagles (5-1) are one of the NFL’s biggest surprises, but it’s only October.
OVERREACTION: The Broncos (3-2) are overrated and won’t make the playoffs.
REALISTIC REACTION: Classic letdown against the depleted Giants (1-5), but the loss can be the reason they don’t play in January.
OVERREACTION: Adrian Peterson is back to his MVP form.
REALISTIC REACTION: The star running back had an excellent debut with the Cardinals, but it’ll be tough to sustain that kind of success.
OVERREACTION: Defense is the new offense. Teams scored 14 non-offensive TDs this week.
REALISTIC REACTION: Sloppy offense is a big culprit.
OVERREACTION: Cam Newton is selfish.
REALISTIC REACTION: Just because he stopped teammates from celebrating so he could do his Superman pose alone in front of a camera after a touchdown doesn’t mean he’s all about Cam.
OVERREACTION: The Chiefs (5-1) are overrated.
REALISTIC REACTION: The Steelers (4-2) have their number and were determined to rebound from an embarrassing loss.
OVERREACTION: Kyle Shanahan will be Coach of the Year.
REALISTIC REACTION: He has the 49ers (0-6) competing and staying close but they need to win a game.
OVERREACTION: The Rams (4-2) are the team to beat in the NFC West.
REALISTIC REACTION: Let’s see how they fare with a tough travel schedule upcoming.
OVERREACTION: Deshaun Watson is the best rookie quarterback since Dan Marino.
REALISTIC REACTION: Watson is off to an outstanding start, but hold off on his bust for Canton.
OVERREACTION: Leonard Fournette is the next Bo Jackson.
REALISTIC REACTION: Fournette is an excellent running back, but can he hit a 500-foot home run?
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