AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) – A former lawyer with the state of Michigan is appealing a decision that stripped him of his law license for his hostility against a gay college student.

Andrew Shirvell argued Wednesday that he didn’t get a fair hearing at the Attorney Discipline Board. He says lawyers on the three-member panel have a record of supporting gay rights.

Cynthia Bullington of the Attorney Grievance Commission says Shirvell’s appeal is “frivolous.”

Shirvell was an assistant attorney general. He was fired in 2010 after criticizing Christopher Armstrong on an anti-gay blog, on Facebook and during visits to the University of Michigan. He says he was exercising free-speech rights.

In a separate matter, a jury in 2012 ordered Shirvell to pay $4.5 million to Armstrong, who was a student government leader at Michigan.


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  1. James Peron says:

    AP needs to check their facts. His license wasn’t pulled due to an “anti-gay rant” or because of mere hostility to a gay student. His actions went beyond that to harassment against this young man who he was obsessed with. In addition, he was a state employee who used his time on the clock, and his office computer, to stalk the student and harass me. Meaning he did so by stealing from taxpayers as well. Harassment included standing outside the young mans home and peeping in his windows.

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