By Mickie McLeod

Drop your buffs! It’s that time to switch it up on Survivor.  This week, the Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers all dropped their buffs and were forced to switch up their tribes!

Drawing randomly, the new tribes are:

Red (Yawa) – Ryan, Allie, JP, Chrissy, and Roark.
Yellow (Soko) – Jess and Cole, (yes, the two lovebirds are still together), Mike, Lauren, and Ben.
Blue (Levu) – Alan, Desi, Joe, Ashley, and Devon.

Reward Challenge

Immediately after the switch, the three new tribes had to work together right away in the first Reward Challenge of the season.  The reward was given to ONLY the first tribe to finish!  Their reward was peanut butter and jelly’s and a whole lot of greasy potato chips!

The Reward Challenge was competitive! The three new tribes, Yawa, Levu, and Soko, battled it out as they had to untangle rope, then hook their rope to a heavy sled, pull the sled, and finishing the challenge by solving a word puzzle.  It was the Red Tribe, Yawa, that won the reward.

Red Tribe (Yawa)

Romance is still in the air between Jessica and Cole.  Lucky for them, the two are still on the same tribe flirting and building a connection.  While snacking on their reward of PB & J’s, Jessica finds a “Secret Advantage” in her potato chips.  The advantage said that she can use it to block someone from voting at the next Tribal Council.  However, if her tribe wins, she must then block someone else’s vote on the losing tribe.

Jessica is ecstatic and cannot keep her secret.  Jess tells Cole, along with Mike, about her newly found Secret Advantage.

Cole continues being Cole again this week.  I’m beginning to think Cole just isn’t the smartest player on Survivor.  Cole decides to share Jess’ secret about the advantage with both Ben and Lauren.  He explains that if he can create “trust” in this game with both Ben and Lauren, that it can further his game in the long run.  Meanwhile, Cole is breaking Jess’ trust… I’m not sure where his mind is.

Mike shares the news with Jess about how Cole is spreading her secret.  Cole lies to Jessica to her face about not telling anyone but then admits to only sharing the secret with Ben.  I wonder how long this romance will actually last…

Yellow Tribe (Soko)

This week’s episode did not show much of the new Soko tribe.  My favorite player Ryan, reveals to Chrissy that he was the one that gave her an advantage during the first Tribal Council. Chrissy is thrilled that she has an alliance with Ryan.

Blue Tribe (Levu)

The Levu tribe is built up of some strong personalities!  Ashley doesn’t feel confident with her former tribe member, Alan, but wants to erase the “history” between them.  Alan wants to work with Ashley and vote out either Joe or Desi, who were formerly on the Healers tribe together.

Meanwhile, Joe and Desi are trying to team up with Devon, who is the only one on the tribe from the former Hustlers.  Joe decides to stir up some drama and lie to Devon by telling him that he has a target on his back by both Ashley and Alan.  This lie from Joe created tension among the tribe.

Devon finds out later in the episode that Joe is a liar, and Devon decides to work with Alan and Ashley instead.

Immunity Challenge

What an exhausting Immunity Challenge!  This week, each tribe had to pick up a heavy crate full of puzzle pieces and maneuver the crate through a series of obstacles.  The tribes had to maneuver the crate through a complicated table, followed by dragging the crate through a huge net on the ground.  After the obstacles, the tribes had to unlock a key and then solve the giant puzzle completely.

The first tribe that solved their puzzle was the Red Tribe (Yawa), followed by the Yellow Tribe (Soko).  That meant that the Blue Tribe (Levu) would be sent to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

The best part about Survivor is you’ll never know what can happen! As host Jeff Probst said, “You can have all the plans you want… the Survivor gods don’t care.”

The tension was already happening among the tribe due to Joe lying about Devon being the target.  Joe knows that the votes were probably towards him now, but he was unsure.  He has an Immunity Idol and wants to be clear if he should use it during Tribal Council.  At camp, Joe stirs up some more chaos and essentially, picks a fight with everyone.  Joe throws Ashley’s name out there, while also creating an uncomfortable feeling with his only alliance, Desi.

Desi tells Joe that he must use his Idol for her at Tribal Council.  Joe said that he will if he feels like she is the one getting voted out.  Meanwhile, Devon receives Jess’ Secret Advantage, but doesn’t know yet that it’s actually a disadvantage for him!

At Tribal before the votes, Devon reveals the “Secret Advantage” but then realizes it’s actually a disadvantage and he is blocked from voting at Tribal Council.

It was now clearly two against two.  Was Joe going to use his idol on him or Desi?  In the end, Joe used his idol on himself and luckily saved himself because both Ashley and Alan had voted for him.  This meant, Desi and Joe’s votes were the only ones that counted, which resulted to Alan, the NFL player from Detroit, to be sent home.

Alan was very paranoid and stirred up drama on his former tribe right away in the season.  I’m not upset seeing him go, I think it’s for the best in the long run!   Who do you think has a shot at winning the title of Sole Survivor this season?

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