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We all know we have to clean our gutters.  We can see the leaves sticking out over the edge; we can see the water spilling out over the rim during the rain; we know it’s bad for our roof, our landscaping and even for our basement walls.  But who wants to drag out the ladder (or worse yet, go and buy one), climb up at one end, scrape out the junk, climb back down, move the ladder 6 feet to the left, climb back up and keep repeating.  Then you have to clean up all the debris that you dropped off the edge, run a garden hose through to make sure everything is clear, then put it all back away.

If this isn’t how you want to spend your football weekends, you can either call a gutter cleaning company at least once a year to do this for you, or get this issue solved once and for all.

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Gutter protection systems can make cleaning gutters something you never have to think about again.  There are several systems on the market; including the do-it-yourself variety that claim that you will “Never have to clean out your gutters again”.  The reality is – it depends which gutter guard system you use.

Hire it Done wants you to take a look at the Gutter Helmet product from Atlas Home Improvement based out of Whitmore Lake, Michigan.

The advantage of professional install vs. DIY

We’ve tried to make the decision process simple for the homeowner considering which gutter protection system they would like install.

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Gutter Helmet from Atlas Home Improvement

  • Triple Lifetime Warranty, transferable to the next owner that covers Materials AND Performance
  • Never Clean Your Gutters Again!
  • Gutter Helmet can handle even the heaviest rainfall – 22” per hour – up to double the highest amount ever recorded.
  • Gutter Helmet may be installed over existing gutters
  • Gutter Helmet comes in many designer colors to blend with your roof
  • Add Helmet Heat to your system (integrated into Gutter Helmet) to reduce icicles and ice build up
  • Atlas Home Improvement uses SnapLock Gutter Attachment System, allowing for gutters to be pitched correctly, and eliminating the need for spikes, nails or screws in the fascia boards of your home AND preventing your gutters from sagging.

DIY Big Box Store Gutter Protection

  • Manufacturer Warranty for defects, in most cases. Homeowner will need to prove the parts came defective from the manufacturer, and warranty is not transferable
  • Still have to clean your gutters, just a little easier
  • Varies by manufacturer. Since these guard systems aren’t as effective, blockages can also reduce performance.
  • Same with most DIY products
  • Color options very limited
  • Purchase and install separate heat wire around existing gutters and guard system
  • Uses screws, spikes or nails to attach gutters, which can introduce water into the fascia boards, and promote rot and mildew formation.

As you can see, the advantages of professional installation and choosing the Gutter Helmet system are huge – you get a better product, lifetime warranty, and you will never have to clean your gutters again!

From now through the end of November, Atlas Home Improvement is offering free 5” seamless gutters, with the purchase of a Gutter Helmet system, OR 20% off the Gutter Helmet system when installed over your existing gutters. That’s a great deal, and it’s the best time of year to make sure your gutter system is in top shape.

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To take advantage of this great offer, visit www.hireitdone.com, and take “cleaning gutters” off of your fall home checklist!