By: Evan Jankens

Even though I’m not a fan of the football or basketball teams at the University of Michigan, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the students who go to the school.

Never would I have qualified to be a student there and I will fully admit that.

I do have at least one thing in common with some Michigan students, however: We search for the same silly stuff online.

According to

A university professor publicly shamed his students by publishing a complete list of the class’s internet browsing history.

Entitled “Things I Noticed EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232 Students Doing During Class”, the disgruntled academic used a Powerpoint slide to demonstrate that his charges were not paying attention during the Earth 222 lectures.

During this professor’s class people were searching “buying $240 worth of turtlenecks,” “pornography,” “Chinese rap videos,” “cat videos” as well as many other dumb things that the students, much like myself, search for on a daily basis.

Do you think the professor was in the right for looking at his students’ search histories and publicly posting this? Personally I think it’s funny that the kids weren’t smart enough to realize the professor had the tools to do it.


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