Detroit Axe, Hatchet, Darts, Ferndale, Corner Tavern and Game Room

FERNDALE (WWJ) — Imagine taking an axe and throwing it 15 feet down a lane into a wooden bulls-eye.

That’s the concept behind Detroit Axe, opening next month on Nine Mile in Ferndale, above the new Corner Tavern and Game Room. The game is basically darts, but with 1.5 pound real axes that have a bit of a duller blade.

“Detroit Axe is exactly how it sounds — an axe throwing activity — which sounds insane but it’s incredibly fun,” co-owner Geoff Kretchmer said. “These are pound and a half hatchets in constructed lanes that are about 15 feet long and five feet wide. You throw the hatchet at a wood target with a bulls-eye. There’s tournaments, there’s match play and there’s round robin.”

The game will take place in a 3,000-square-foot venue, and will include food and drinks from Corner Tavern and Game Room for all of the competitors.

Kretchmer said the decision to open Detroit Axe in Ferndale was easy. The city was extremely helpful throughout the process and he believes the dart-like game will draw plenty of interest in Ferndale.

“The city is extraordinary pro-business, which (is why) we love working with them,” Kretchmer said. “They are understanding, they listen, they are creative, love working with all of them.

“We also love the Ferndale crowd. Although this is going to draw from a lot of different places, we feel like the demographics in Ferndale is a perfect fit not only for Corner Tavern and Game Room but also for upstairs at Detroit Axe.”

So is this even safe? Detroit Axe also has that covered. Kretchmer says to make sure everyone is safe, “axeperts” will be assigned to every two lanes.

“We have trained what we call axe-masters or axeperts that will be assigned to every single arena,” Kretchmer said. “Each arena is two axe lanes and it’s their responsibility to make sure that everything is safe. That people are throwing at the same time and retrieving at the same time.”

Kretchmer is hoping to officially open Detroit Axe in early to mid November.