What Happens If You Didn't Follow The Boil Water Advisory In Novi, Other Oakland Communities

(WWJ) Everyone knows that one person who refuses to follow the rules, but if you’re thinking about ignoring the boil water advisory in Novi and 11 other communities in Oakland County — think again.

Not boiling that tap water could be harmful to your health: Drinking water that’s not boiled could give you stomach cramps, diarrhea, and make you nauseous.

How sick would you get? It depends on a person’s individual immune system.

When there’s low water pressure — there’s a possibility that bacteria can form in the water. That’s why health officials advise residents to boil it before drinking or even brushing their teeth with it.

As for whether you have to boil the water you use to wash your hands, your safe as long as it stays out of your mouth. Also don’t wash anything in the water that you’re going to consume — like fruit and vegetables.

“Just be very safe to ensure no water is swallowed when you’re showering or bathing,” said Leigh-Anne Stafford, Oakland County Health Division health officer.




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