Detroiters Get $150,000 To Build Store For Short Men

(WWJ) Women have the petites section of the store, but what do men of shorter stature have? They’ll soon have Ash & Erie.

Two guys from Detroit got $150,000 for their business startup on the show “Shark Tank,” thanks to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Steven Mazur and Eric Huang own a clothing store called Ash & Erie that specializes in clothes for vertically challenged men … those 5 foot 8 inches tall and under.

Mazur and Huang made their pitch by wearing a normal sized shirt and then ripping it off to show off the Ash & Erie shirt, a perfect fit for shorter guys. They say they’ll be using the investment to help build their company, which sells shirts, jeans, dress shirts, flannels, and more.

Shirts sell for $79; jeans are $149. They’re billed as “made for men of great heights.”

Check out their online store here.


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