By: Will Burchfield

Michigan’s offensive struggles are rattling around Tim Drevno’s brain. The clamor is keeping him up at night.

“I’m not sleeping very well lately, but that’s okay. I wake up with a lot of things on my mind, but it’s about Michigan, it’s about this great university, it’s about the football program,” Drevno told the Jamie and Stoney Show on 97.1 The Ticket.

Through seven games, Michigan, which dropped out of the AP Top 25 for the first time in two-plus years following last weekend’s loss to Penn State, has been a stark disappointment. The team’s struggles are attributable to its offense, which ranks tenth in the Big 10 in points per game (25.1) and ninth in yards per game (361).

Drevno, the offensive coordinator, is keeping the faith.

“We’ve got the right people here to get it fixed. It’s part of the process. It’s a new week, that’s the great thing about it,” he said. “The mood around this building in terms of getting this thing fixed, we are fully on board.”

In fact, Drevno feels the offense is on the verge of breaking out.

“We’re making strides every week. You can see we’re just so close,” he said. “We miss a pass here, or miss a block there and that’s something we’re well aware of. We are getting closer and closer and inching forward in terms of making this thing great.

“We need to capitalize on more drives in terms of finishing drives with touchdowns or field goals. When we’re in the red zone we want touchdowns. These guys understand we’re just young, but that’s no excuse. That’s part of the process here. You can see every week that we’re getting better.”

Red zone efficiency has been an issue for Michigan throughout the season. So has a young, inexperienced offensive line and a distinct lack of playmakers, though Drevno believes the personnel on hand is more than capable of getting the job done.

“We just need to make plays. We feel very strongly about the guys in our locker room on the offense. We just need to make plays, and I really believe that’s going to happen. We just have to keep grinding, keep working. It’s a process. We’re excited about what’s coming forward here on Saturday,” Drevno said.

The Wolverines welcome in Rutgers on Saturday, looking to put the sting of a 42-13 loss to Penn State behind them. Despite their disappointing start to Big 10 play, including a home loss to Michigan State, Drevno is nothing but upbeat and optimistic.


“I know we’ve got great players here. I know we put a great scheme together as offensive coaches. We practice really well. We get the right looks. We’re coaching all the details. We’re just so close that I know how close it is,” Drevno said. “We’ve got a good football team. I can feel it.”

In no way, said Drevno, is Michigan being tripped up by a lack of talent.

“We’ve got the right people here, and I really believe this thing is going to give. We’ve just got to stay the course, keep teaching, keep coaching and think of new ways of coaching in terms of getting it across to the players,” he said.

All things considered, Drevno feels Michigan is in a pretty good spot.

“Gosh, we’re 5-2. Those two losses are unacceptable, but there are a lot worse things out there than being 5-2,” he said. “We can control our own destiny from here on out.”


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