Eminem New Album Title Reportedly Released In Most Dramatic Way Possible

(WWJ) Is Eminem leading fans to discover the name of his album through a complicated scavenger hunt involving a fake medication? Many think so.

Here are the clues: Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg posted a photo of what looks like an ad for a medication Revival — but close observers can see the “E” in the billboard ad is anything but average. It’s backward, and in the typical font Eminem uses.

If you call the phone number for the alleged medication, it opens a voicemail that uses keywords from Eminem’s songs and plays an instrumental, Muzak version of “I Need a Doctor.”

A full version of the ad can be seen online HERE.

And a website for the medication is obviously tongue in cheek. It calls Revival “music to your ears.”

“You should discuss the potential benefits and risks of REVIVAL with your doctor or clergyman. REVIVAL is a non-narcotic medication intended for daily use that can be taken with or without food,” the site says. Side effects of Revival are listed as sweaty palms, light leggedness and brain damage.

Is it a shady marketing gimmick or is it genius? You decide.

  1. If you go to the website for the full ad, you can see it was purchased by Interscope Records… pretty sure its for Eminem’s album.

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