Detroit, Mike Duggan, Coleman Young

DETROIT (WWJ) — A new poll on the race to be the Detroit Mayor says incumbent Mike Duggan has widened his lead over Senator Coleman Young II following the pair’s first — and only debate — this week.

According to Target Insyght, going into the debate Duggan held a 61-to-33 percent lead over Coleman, and now following the debate Duggan has received a bump to 65 percent while Coleman dropped to 24 percent.

“Duggan still has a commanding lead,” said Ed Sarpolus, executive director and founder of Target Insyght. “What’s more important is the debate gave him a bounce in the polls.”

The survey — which included 400 likely Detroit voters — also took a look at the favorable versus unfavorable results. Going into the debate 43 percent had a favorable impression of Coleman, while Duggan had an 80 percent favorable rate. Coleman raised only one point to 44 percent after the debate, and Duggan actually dropped down to 75 percent.

Sarpolus said that while Coleman did raise his favorable impression by one percent, it still is a very low number and that doesn’t bode well for him in the long run.

“Forty eight percent said they have an unfavorable or unpopular opinion of Coleman Young,” Sarpolus said.  “You can’t win an election if people don’t like you.”

The stats from Target Insyght also indicated that Duggan leads in all demographic groups, including age, race, ethnicity, gender and all regions of the city.

Election Day in Detroit is Tuesday, Nov. 7.


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