Halloween, Costumes, Health

DETROIT (WWJ) — While most kids can’t wait to put on their costumes and head out to trick-or-treat, some do not like the spooky holiday. Experts say parents should follow the lead of their young children when it comes to Halloween.

The fear is real so avoid telling a young child that there’s nothing to be afraid of says a local psychologist. St. John Providence psychologist Judith Malinowski says its important to talk about the holiday with their children.

“Have a conversation with them, what’s scary about going trick-or-treating, what’s scary about a haunted house,” Malinowski told WWJ Newsradio 950 health reporter Deanna Lites. “It’s important to help the child identify the difference between reality and fantasy.”

Malinowski added that you shouldn’t force your child to wear a costume that they don’t want to. If your child does want to go trick-or-treating then you should go over some ground rules beforehand.

“Make sure you are taking care of the basics,” Malinowski said. “Making sure they’ve eaten something, making sure that they are well rested and if you are going by something that’s really, really scary and they don’t want to go up to the house or they don’t want to go up to the person, don’t force them to do that.”


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