His Name Is George Papadopoulos ... No, The Other One: Novi Man's Name Causes Confusion

(WWJ) He describes himself on his website as a financial adviser who is not only competent, but with whom you can “feel comfortable enough to discuss money, security and the values and principles underlying the critical financial decisions begging for your attention.”

His name is George Papadopoulos — not to be confused with George Papadopoulos.

Papadopoulos, of Novi, has the misfortune of a distinctive name that’s shared with a former adviser of President Donald Trump. The latter Papadopoulos was indicted today by Special Council Paul Manafort for allegedly lying to federal agents about his contacts with Kremlin-connected Russians.

The internet, especially Twitter, was quick to notice the Novi Papadopoulos, who had to declare publicly that he was not the man under indictment.

No one knows how he feels about the confusion beyond the Tweet because Papadopoulos says he’s visiting Greece and has limited access to connectivity.

And while his name is rare in the United States, he says in the village in Greece where his family lives, it’s common.


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