Walmart Workers Deliver Bouncing Baby Girl In Apparel Aisle

(WWJ) Walmart workers in Monroe hustled up blankets and surrounded the young woman who was lying on the floor, clutching her stomach. She had another child nearby, with whom she was shopping.

Employees kept it as private as possible as the 21-year-old gave birth on the floor of the apparel section.

“She was 39 weeks pregnant and it was her second so that’s probably why it came so quick,” Frenchtown Township Fire Chief Wendy Stevens told CBS Detroit.

The baby was a girl, born full term and with no complications — and before first responders could get there. It happened Friday afternoon at the location on North Telegraph Road.

“They called us and said that her water had broke … When they arrived, she had actually given birth,” Stevens said. “We just clamped and cut the cord.”

Stevens praised the quick response time of the Fire Department, which was in the middle of a training and ready to roll when they got the call so they were there in a matter of minutes. She also had words of praise for the Walmart workers who did what they could to keep the woman calm and protect her from prying eyes.

“One of my crews said the Walmart staff was holding up blankets …¬†They had the forethought to give her some privacy,” she said. Firefighters called Monroe Community Ambulance, which transported the woman to a local hospital, along with her other child.




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