SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – Southfield police are releasing more details about a bizarre incident that caused a scare in the community on Halloween.

girl e1509478708529 Police: Girl Dragged From Store Screaming Stranger Danger Was With Dad

This photo was captured by security cameras outside Burlington in Southfield. (Police photo)

Police had asked for help from the public to identify a suspect after a young girl was reportedly seen being dragged by a man outside a Burlington store while she screamed “stranger danger.”

Southfield Deputy Police Chief Nick Loussia said Wednesday the 7-year-old was yelling and struggling because she didn’t like the hat that her father had bought for her at Forman Mills, which shares a parking lot with Burlington at the shopping plaza, at 12 Mile and Southfield Road.

Police received numerous tips and it was discovered that man seen with the child in a security camera photo was indeed her dad.

Loussia said detectives went to the family’s home in Ecorse and confirmed the identities of everyone involved; verifying that the girl was safe with her family. Police said the child was “talked to” about the consequences of her yelling “stranger danger” when it was not true.

No charges will be filed.

  1. I am happy this ended well but I still feel the same about people not stepping in to help her. If this had a real stranger danger situation, people failed her. I hope this is a reminder to people that these children are taught this to get help.

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