DEARBORN (WWJ) – A Dearborn couple before a judge Thursday afternoon in connection with a shooting at their unlicensed daycare in September that left two young kids seriously hurt.

The couple showed a reckless disregard for the safety of the children in their care said District Judge Gene Hunt before setting a bond of $20,000/10 percent — for each parent reports WWJ’s Zahra Huber.

samantha timothy eubanks Dearborn Couple Charged In Daycare Shooting Which Left Two Children Injured

Samantha and Timothy Eubanks appear in court for an arraignment. (Photos: Zahra Huber/WWJ)

Samantha Eubanks faces a dozen child abuse and two felony firearm charges — her husband, Timothy Eubanks, is charged with six counts of child abuse.

Police say their three-year-old son found one of the couple’s unsecured guns in their home which doubled as an unlicensed daycare and shot two other three-year-old kids in the Dearborn home.

The victims survived.

“They are devastated,” said attorney Lawrence Ellesell. “Her main concern throughout this has been about the other children were injured — that is kind of a testament to her love and concern for children.”

The Eubanks can not have contact with the victims or their families and are not allowed unsupervised contact with their own six children who are currently with relatives.


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