By: Evan Jankens

They’re going to the chapel, and they’re going to get marr-marr-married … It appears that Justin Verlander and his fiance Kate Upton will tie the knot this weekend.

That report is courtesy of Jon Heyman from Fan Rag Sports who tweeted, “Word seems to be that Verlander-Upton wedding is this weekend in Italy. He’ll have to miss the parade presumably.”

It might be tough to move a wedding date but how can Verlander miss the parade? For all I know the couple gets married fast and then he flies back to be part of the parade. He sure has the cash to make that happen.

According to

Kate Upton’s bases are covered. As her fiancé, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, 34, plays in the World Series, the model is putting the finishing touches on their 2017 vows, which two sources say will happen in Tuscany, Italy. According to multiple sports outlets, they are set to wed this weekend.

I don’t know about wedding plans, but I would think that Verlander would have said well the latest the World Series would end would be November 1 so lets do it the following week since the parade would be in the next few days. Or since he was with the Tigers did he just never think the World Series was a possibility?

Do you think it’s OK to miss the Houston Astros World Series parade for his wedding?

  1. Unacceptable. This speaks volumes about what JV’s personality is really about. It’s all about me.
    Extremely bad decision, resulting in mad Houston Astros fans lighting up twitter with their displeasure. I don’t blame them. Even more sad, I’m betting money that the actual ceremony isn’t even going to be tomorrow (Saturday). If it takes place days from now, then the Houston fans will lose what respect any of them may still have for him.

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