By Mickie McLeod

Next week is already the merge! So, who made the cut? Here’s what you missed on last night’s episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers!

Reward Challenge

The stakes are high and the pizza is hot!  This week, the first two tribes that won the reward, earned a pizza party with a whole lot of soft drinks.  The reward looked too tasty to lose.

At the challenge, tribe members had to transport buoys across a balance beam and down to a mat while only moving them by poles. After all of the members were across the beam and through the course, they then had to head to their tribe boat, untie knots, and pull themselves all the way to a platform in the ocean.

After reaching the platform, the tribe had taken their buoys and finish the challenge by slingshotting them towards two targets.  The first two tribes that fought the hardest and hit their two targets were SOKO and YAWA.  That meant that the LEVU tribe was left with empty stomachs.


It’s pizza party time at SOKO!  While enjoying the pizza feast, the tribe still stayed focus on the game, but more specifically, Ryan.  During this episode, Ryan’s wheels were turning, as he contemplated who would be the next one out on their tribe if sent to Tribal Council.

After last Tribal, Ali was angry with Ryan about voting off Roark.  He knew because of this, Ali doesn’t trust him.  He figured her or even JP would be the best decision to vote out.  Ali was not in Ryan’s alliance, and JP has been known to play “too quiet” of a game, leaving a huge target on his back as well.


It’s two vs. two over at the LEVU tribe.  Ashley and Devin vs. Joe and Desi.

The energy is tense at camp.  Devin knows he must find the Hidden Immunity Idol at camp before the merge.  He knew Joe found the last Idol while being sneaky, so he needed to keep an eye on him.

Devin continued to follow Joe and watch him throughout camp.  Joe knew what Devin was up to because he knew he had a huge target on his back.  This did not stop Joe from searching for another Idol, though.

At one point, while Devin and Joe were in the forest, Joe noticed an Idol clue printed on a tree.  Joe took a glance at the clue, very subtly.  Without Devin even noticing the clue, Joe retrieved the information quickly, and that night hunted for the Idol by himself.

In the middle of the night, Joe snuck out of camp and followed the clue.  Joe was led to the well and he dug into the ground.  Well deserved, Joe found his second Hidden Immunity Idol.  Although Joe is not my personal favorite, he’s definitely making a game for himself!  He’s kind of a jerk, but he deserves every Idol he’s found so far.


At YAWA, it’s all about Cole.  With Mike, Lauren, and Ben doing their own thing, Cole and Jessica are continuing to be the “power couple” in this game.

At camp, Dr. Mike is making food for everyone but notices that Cole is eating his own and is never sharing with others.  Lauren and Ben also notice how much Cole is eating, day by day, and it’s not very attractive in the game of Survivor.  Lauren says Cole is digging his own grave.

Suddenly at camp, Cole passes out.  Mike and Jess take care of him by feeding him more food and water.  Mike, Ben, and Lauren all agree that Cole is becoming a liability.  Did this fall seal the deal for his fate in the game?  Who knows how long babying Cole will last…

Immunity Challenge

With the merge being next week, this Immunity Challenge was crucial.  No tribe wanted to be sent to Tribal Council.

The Immunity Challenge was working me up a sweat!  This challenge was a balance challenge, as those are always so nerve-wracking.  Spelling “Immunity” with building blocks, the tribe had to balance each letter on a flat disk, while each member was balancing the disk straight with only a few ropes.

After blocks fell continuously, it was SOKO who dropped their stack during the last minute.  This meant that YAWA and LEVU won the Immunity Challenge.

Tribal Council

Ryan, Ali, JP, and Chrissy.  Who was voted out this week?

Ryan is definitely my favorite of this season because he’s such a great strategist!  This Tribal was clearly conducted by him once again. Having Chrissy on his side, it was up to both of them who they wanted to bring to the merge.

JP is a threat because he’s physical and plays a quiet game.   Ali, however, is not a fan of Ryan lately, but she’ll do anything to stay in the game.

In the end, it wasn’t hard to predict who would be voted out, but sure was a surprise for her.  Ali was voted out and she was left shocked, saying “Good luck beating him,” as she left Council.

The merge is next week, and that’s basically the playoffs of Survivor!  I’m excited to see the Castaways compete for their own now.  There’s a lot of good strategist in this season, but we haven’t seen enough of them yet!  Ryan is definitely my favorite, but I have a feeling Lauren will be playing an even better game during this second half of the season.  Who are your favorites?  Tweet me @mick_cloudy to talk Survivor!

Watch Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my weekly recaps Thursday mornings on!


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