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Your Next Roof Could Last 50 Years

It’s true – improvements in materials and installation practices have led to big advancements in the construction industry. Roofing is the number one home improvement project year after year. This week, the experts at Hire it Done are giving tips on how to get a roof that lasts a lifetime.

3 Ingredients for a Roof That Lasts

  1. The right materials –Manufacturers invest heavily in research and development, resulting in big advancements in materials, such as impact resistant shingles and tear proof, breathable underlayment. Using all of these components together from the same manufacturer gets you the maximum warranty.
  2. Ventilation & Insulation – these work together to keep your roof system healthy. Shingles are made to withstand extreme heat & cold from the outside. When exposed to extreme conditions in the attic, however shingle life can be drastically reduced. The temperature in the attic should be as close as possible to the temperature outside.
  3. Proper Installation – The best materials and ventilation won’t do you any good if the roof isn’t properly installed. It WILL fail if the workmanship is not up to par. Make sure your roofer is certified by the manufacturer, and verify they are using all of the materials they specify in their paperwork.

Choosing The Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor is THE most important thing. Great roofing contractors take advantage of the training and certification programs offered by the manufacturers. Hire it Done member contractor Tittle Brothers Construction is certified Platinum by Owens Corning, offering the best warranty in the industry, and meeting other strict qualifications, including on site inspections, good standing with the BBB and more, plus they have already passed Hire it Done’s 10-point pre-screening process. Get Tittle Brothers, or any of Hire it Done’s other certified roofers out to your house for a free estimate today- visit www.hireitdone.com.

This month, Tittle Brothers has a special offer for the Hire it Done audience. $1,000.00 off your new roof OR free blown in insulation, up to R-49. All you have to do is fill out the form on the specials page at hireitdone.com – and you are on your way to a roof that lasts 50 years!


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