Golden Tate would never ask for a quarterback other than Matthew Stafford.

“He’s a great leader,” Tate often says.

“He’s tough as nails.”

“He can sling it.”

But if TateΒ were in the market for another QB, suffice to say he wouldn’t call Jameis Winston. Not after Winston delivered one of the oddest pump-up speeches one can imagine prior to the Buccaneers’ loss to the Saints on Sunday.

With his teammates gathered around him, Winston put his fingers in the shape of a ‘W’, stuck his fingers in his mouth, licked each one and then asked,Β “How many people want to eat a ‘W’ tonight?”

His teammates seemed…confused.

Video of Winston’s speech quickly went viral, with one Twitter account providing the caption, “retweet if this is NOT your QB.”

Tate obliged.

Lions safety Tavon Wilson got a kick out of Tate’s reaction.

Tate wasn’t the only person to give Winston grief.

The Buccs went on to lose, 30-10, and Winston missed the second half with a shoulder injury. He also incited a sideline brawl.

The Lions visit Tampa Bay in Week 14.


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