TAYLOR (WWJ) – A Taylor woman has been bound over for trial in the fatal shooting of her co-worker at a Burlington Coat Factory store.

At a heating in 23rd District Court on Monday, Judge Joseph Slaven determined that there is enough evidence to send 49-year-old Sandra Waller to trial for first degree murder in the death of 49-year-old Lorraine Faison of Allen Park last month.

burlington shooter e1508356911244 Taylor Woman Ordered To Trial In Murder Of Coworker At Burlington Store

Sandra Waller is seen o na video monitor during her arraignment. (Photo: Stephanie Davis/WWJ)

Shot in court, surveillance footage from inside Burlington, in the 22300 block of Eureka Road near Telegraph, shows a woman who police identify as Waller being confronted by someone before grabbing for her gun.

Police say the video was recorded as employees were preparing to open the morning of Monday, October 16 — and just moments before Faison was killed.

lorraine Taylor Woman Ordered To Trial In Murder Of Coworker At Burlington Store

Lorraine Faison (Photo via Gofundme)

According to Nicole Good, an assistant manager for Burlington, Faison told her the day before that the two had been arguing about the right way to scan merchandise in the sales floor. Faisson told Waller she wasn’t doing it properly, and Waller told Faisson she that couldn’t tell her what to do.

Good testified that both employees complained to her about the situation and got a chance to tell her their side of the story.

“I had agreed to let her (Waller) go back out to the floor, but I was going to separate them and have them scan different areas,” Good said. “When she went back out to the floor I was following a little bit behind them, not right behind, but I could hear that they’d started yelling again, so I told them to go home.”

The next day the two had just arrived for work when police say Waller pulled a gun from her waistband and shot Faison.

Taylor Police Sgt. Dan Mitchell was one of the first to arrive on the scene.

“I found a black female laying on the scene with an apparent gunshot wound to the center of her chest,” Mitchell testified Monday. “…She was unresponsive.”

The officer described a bullet hole found in the storage room and said it matched the Glock 23 found on Waller, who was arrested without incident.

Waller is due back in court next week.

  1. assetrel says:

    Wow, someone’s child, sister, possible mother, girlfriend was lost over scanning clothes at Burlington Coat Factory. What happened to LOVE?

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